Natural herbal remedies

Slimming and draining

seven formulas specifically studied for each type of user, to keep weight under control and drain away excess liquids

Fitless Line / 500 ml

pineapple flavouring

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Dietary supplement based on natural concentrated extracts

FITLESS LINEA is a dietary supplement made up of a combination of natural concentrated extracts. Helps to metabolise fats and control weight in calorie-restricted diets; also helps eliminate excessive fluids naturally from the body.

Birch sap:diuretic and draining, particularly useful to combat cellulite and fluid retention.
Asparagus root: diuretic, recommended for fluid retention and oedema.
Gotu kola leaves: increases venous tone, stimulates the production of collagen fibres in the deep layers of the skin.
Yerba Mate leaves: a tonic that reduces fatigue and stimulates energy production, encouraging the body to burn calories.
Pineapple stem: bromelain is a protein and fat digesting enzyme known to have draining activity.
Fennel seeds: anti-fermentative and diuretic, recommended to combat bloating, fluid retention and oedema.
Green tea dried extr: a powerful antioxidant, rich in epigallocatechins and theophylline, stimulates the breakdown of adipose tissues to produce energy, also reduces lipid and cholesterol levels in the blood.
Fucopure: stimulates fat-burning activity in abdominal tissues, inhibits the laying down of fat layers.