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Low-cal Strong / 60 compresse

500 mg tablets

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Dietary supplement of Carblite and Rhodiola with Chromium Picolinate

LOW-CAL FORTE is a dietary supplement of synergistic plant extracts selected to boost carbohydrate metabolism.

CLINICAL TRIAL: involving 59 persons aged 20 to 45 years divided into two groups. These were administered 445mg of Carblite™ with their main meal for 30 days. Results: -4% body weight. -10% body fat. -11% thickness of adipose tissue. -3% thigh circumference. -1% waistline.

Carblite™ Faseolamina: inhibits the amylase enzyme thereby obstructing or at least delaying the transformation of starches into simple sugars. This reduces the absorption of glucose and makes fewer calories available.

Chromium picolinate: increases sensitivity of receptors to insulin.

Rhodiola:increases reabsorption of adipose tissue by releasing lipase, an adaptogen which helps the body adapt to weight loss by releasing endorphins, also recommended for those suffering from nervous hunger.