MONOI - Coconut oil and Tiare flowers


A Sublime Oil
that nurtures Beauty
and stimulates the Sense


Behind it lies a voyage of discovery through local traditions and cultures, where the resources offered by Mother Nature are wisely used as home remedies passed down through the generations.
This is how a simple cosmetic becomes an integral part of the local history and culture.
The aim of EOS research - which traditionally places the accent on ingredients that neither irritate nor pollute - is to come up with formulas that are as FAITHFUL as possible to those used by the NATIVES.
This is what takes us on our long journeys all over the world, in search of the knowledge jealously guarded by each people.

MONOI - Coconut oil and Tiare flowers

a complete range to nourish the skin and hair

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a Sublime Oil
that nurtures Beauty and stimulates the Senses

Monoi forms a link between Man and Nature, and has been emblematic of the beauty of Tahiti and the rest of the Windward Islands for over 2000 years. It is more, however, than a simple cosmetic product with impressive moisturising properties. It is also used for religious purposes, and has a number of applications in traditional Polynesian medicine. It has become an integral part of every stage of island life, protecting babies from dehydration in the summer, or from the cold; for embalming and perfuming bodies after death; for scared rituals designed to purify places and objects of worship. It is used by Ma’hoi sailors on their expeditions at sea, to protect them from cold, wind and the aggressive salt water, and is employed to revive the colours of tattoos on feast days. Above all, it is used in the Art of Massage.

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MONOI - Coconut oil and Tiare flowers

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