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Non-irritating cleansers formulated with herbal ingredients, for delicate, sensitive skin, suitable for the whole family

Marsiglia Vero Natural Oily Cleanser / 1000 ml

body, hands

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1000 ml REFILL

- Gently cleanses
- Corrects dry skin
- Ideal for frequent hand washing (including professional use)

Aqua, Cocamydopropyl betaine, Sodium olivoyl glutamate, Olea europea, Melaleuca alternifolia, Xanthan gum, Lactic acid, Phytic acid, Potassium sorbate, Benzyl alcohol, Fragrance. pH 4.5

SODIUM OLIVOYL GLUTAMATE: anionic surfactant obtained by the condensation of olive oil and wheat proteins.
OLEA EUROPEA: olive oil.
ESSENTIAL OIL OF MELALEUCA (Tea Tree Oil): an excellent plant remedy with antibacterial and antifungal activity.
XANTHAN GUM: a carbohydrate thickening agent produced by fermenting cellulose using a micro bacterium, without the use of ethylene derivatives.
METHOD OF PRESERVATION: paraben free, uses food-grade preservatives.
FRAGRANCE: almond fragrance oil.