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Non-irritating cleansers formulated with herbal ingredients, for delicate, sensitive skin, suitable for the whole family

Marsiglia Vero Natural Oily Cleanser / 300 ml

body, hands

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Soothing oily detergent for body and hands, in a 1000 ml refill size; the natural sebum-restoring characteristics of the ingredients make it suitable for dry, sensitive skin. For children and adults. Based on the traditional Marseilles soap recipe, since the main ingredients are a surfactant condensed from olive oil (sodium olivoylglutamate) and pure olive oil.

Does not contain lauryl sulphates, ethanolamine, ethylene oxide, formalin, paraffin, parabens, derivatives of animal origin. The formula, containing biodegradable ingredients of plant origin, guarantees proper, safe, natural daily hygiene for all ages, as well as respecting the environment.


- Cleanses delicately

- Moisturises dry skin

- Ideal for frequent, delicate cleansing of hands, even for professional use (dentists, doctors, nurses, etc.)


  • SODIUM OLIVOYL GLUTAMATE: anionic surfactant obtained by condensing olive oil and wheat proteins.
  • OLEA EUROPEA: olive oil.
  • OLIO ESSENZIALE DI MELALEUCA (tea tree essential oil): excellent plant-based remedy for combating bacteria and fungi.
  • XANTHAN GUM: viscosifying carbohydrate obtained by fermenting cellulose with microbacterium without the use of ethylene derivatives.
  • PRESERVING SYSTEM: free from parabens, with food-grade preservatives.
  • PERFUME: almond oil essence.

Eos MARSIGLIA OILY CLEANSER is a VE (ecological value) Product, certified as NON-IRRITATING.


aqua, cocamydopropylbetaine, sodium olivoyl glutamate, Olea europea, Melaleuca alternifolia, Xanthan Gum, Lactic acid, phytic acid, potassium sorbate, phytic acid, ethylhexylglycerin, parfum. pH 4.5