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EOS Intensive-E Oil / 75 ml

sensitive and undernourished skin

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EOS Intensive-E Oil is a 100%-natural Vitamin-E Concentrate, strengthened and enhanced with Jojoba Oil and Rice Bran Oil. The safe, basic formula comprises of just three, 100% plant-based active ingredients. Natural Vitamin E has about twice the biological activity of synthetic Vitamin E: skin absorbs it better and retains it for a longer period of time.

Eos Oil has many cosmetic properties: it restructures, stimulates cell turnover, soothes, nourishes and contains antioxidants. For this reason, this useful product can be used in many ways:

  • FACE: combats dryness, dehydration, signs of ageing and fatigue. It strengthens the skin's natural defences against aggressive atmospheric agents and free radicals.
  • BODY AND MORE DELICATE AREAS: moisturises skin and makes it more elastic. It combats irritation, redness, peeling skin and atopic dermatitis.

Silky-smooth and highly absorbable, it leaves skin feeling comfortable, soft and well-nourished. Natural and highly soothing, it has restructuring properties and is suitable for adults and children, from the moment they are born.

During pregnancy, Olio Eos is very useful. It aids skin elasticity and is very useful for areas prone to the effects of weight gain (belly, inner thighs, hips, etc.). It can be used on its own or diluted in a cream. It combats itching and redness.
It reduces the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy, and, when applied to breasts, is useful for preparing nipples for breastfeeding. After childbirth, it can be applied between feeds to help combat cracking (rinse well before breastfeeding).
It repairs and evens out fresh stretch marks (red/purple in colour), and helps restore the appearance of skin. It can be massaged into the perineum: it aids elasticity, moisturises and soothes redness in intimate outer areas.

Eos Oil is also perfect for newborn skin care, because their delicate skin is prone to becoming irritable and rough. It helps moisturise from the moment they are born and combats irritation and rough skin. When changing nappies and for areas of redness, it soothes and protects skin in a non-occlusive way, as opposed to other traditional products made with zinc oxide, paraffin and lanolin.



  • 100%-NATURAL VITAMIN E: from non-GMO vegetable oil. Softens, nourishes and repairs skin, makes it more elastic and has an anti-ageing effect.
  • JOJOBA OIL: liquid wax (not technically an oil) free from triglycerides, with a non-greasy liquid consistency. Similar to human sebum, its linear arrow-like structure means that it absorbs quickly and easily, penetrates deeply and makes it an effective vehicle for Vitamin E. It helps rebalance combination skin by regulating the production of sebum and moisturising dry skin.
  • RICE BRAN OIL: moisturises, soothes and has a velvety-smooth consistency. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, including oleic, linoleic, palmitic and linolenic acids, giving it excellent protective and restorative qualities, and has strong antioxidant properties.




Free from occlusive ingredients: paraffins, silicones, petrolatums and animal derivatives. Free from aromas, fragrances and essential oils.

Product tested and certified as non-irritating. Made from mainly biodegradable ingredients. Nickel concentration less than 0.1 ppm.




Apply a few drops to the area being treated, dab it around and massage until completely absorbed.

  • For dryness and loss of tone
  • For signs of ageing on the face, eye and lip contours, neckline and hands
  • For dark spots caused by hormonal imbalance and sun/light exposure
  • For itchy, sensitive and red skin, even in intimate areas
  • For stretch marks, even during pregnancy
  • For scars and tattoos
  • For the prevention of cracks caused by breastfeeding (wash the treated area before breastfeeding)
  • Acts as an after-sun and can be used after exposure to radiation
  • For irritation caused by beauty treatments: masks, peeling treatments, tattoos, hair removal, dermoabrasion, etc



Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, d-α-tocopheryl acetate, Oryza sativa bran oil.