Coconut oil and Tiare flowers

a complete body and hair care range with Monoi, a traditional Polynesian product prepared with coconut oil and Tiare flowers

Native oil with amber / 100 ml

nourishes, repairs, illuminates

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Golden oil with a smooth and pleasant structure, obtained from the simple artisan process of soaking Tiare flowers in coconut oil. MONOI Native Oil has moisturising, softening and calming properties. Its long-lasting effect improves skin micro-relief and strengthens the dermis. It can be used year round as a skin care and beauty product, as well as on your hair and face. It is 99.4% pure with no added ingredients, and can also be used for skin care in children.



  • TIARÉ FLOWER: with a pleasant and alluring scent and snowy-white colour, this beautiful flower is a symbol in French Polynesia. It has softening, purifying and calming properties.
  • COCONUT: known as Tahiti’s "white gold". Thanks to the unique composition of the volcanic soil, Polynesian coconuts produce the most delicate oil around. It has moisturising and nourishing properties and, when compared to standard coconut oil, a uniquely light and silky-smooth consistency, making it easily absorbable.




Free from preservatives, paraffins, silicones, mineral oils, PEGs and animal derivatives. Allergen-free fragrance.

Product tested and certified as non-irritating. Made from mainly biodegradable ingredients. Nickel concentration less than 0.1 ppm.


Purity: 99.4%

MONOI Native oil is protected by the "Appellation of Origin" certification, which guarantees the authenticity, selection and strictly Polynesian origin of the raw materials and the quality of the production process.



NATURAL MONOI OIL SOLIDIFIES IF STORED IN TEMPERATURES BELOW 24° C. It returns to its silky-smooth liquid state when in contact with skin, or if the bottle is held under hot water for a few moments, put in a bain-marie or placed near a source of heat.

  • Below 24°: unscrew the cap and remove the amount you want using the spatula provided in the package. Then melt in your hands and apply to the desired area. Or melt it by holding the bottle under warm water.
  • Above 24°: pour a few drops of the oil onto the palm of your hand and apply to the desired area.

BODY CARE - applied every day after showering, it is instantly absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. It makes skin on the bust and body more elastic and reinvigorates it. The perfect product for hands and feet, it combats dryness and cracks. FACE CARE - it can be used every day instead of moisturising cream, or once a week for a relaxing and revitalising massage. It has anti-ageing properties, tackles wrinkles and revitalises the complexion.  PEELING - you can mix your MONOI Native Oil with Himalayan pink salt, coffee powder, brown sugar or plain baking soda for a natural peel. Massage into wet skin on your face or body, then rinse. HAIR - apply a few drops onto your strands to de-tangle and prevent split ends. To thoroughly restructure and nourish your hair, apply and wrap up, leaving it from a minimum of half an hour up to the whole night, then wash. Also useful for scalp care if you suffer from dryness, dandruff, itching or irritation. BEARD - apply a few drops the whole way down for a stronger, shiny and combable beard. It combats itching, softens the skin and is gentle on more sensitive skin. MASSAGE - MONOI oil is used in Taurumi, the traditional Tahitian massage that restores energy circulation and aims to bring about harmonious balance between body and mind by releasing tension produced by stress. This massage blends harmony and well-being, bringing about a pure, sensual balance between body and spirit. TATTOOS - MONOI oil has been used by Mahoi warriors for centuries to protect tattoos and revitalize their colour. It helps keep lines and colours looking sharp over time.- AFTER-SUN/HIGHLIGHTER - after sunbathing, it repairs damage caused by radiation from the sun, it remedies damage caused by wind and salt water, and combats dry skin. Facilitates, speeds up and prolongs tans. It has a natural highlighting effect when applied. RELAXING BATH - pour a few drops in bath water to relax your skin and leave it feeling smooth.



Cocos nucifera oil, Gardenia thaitensis flowers, tocopherol, parfum.