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Candy-Block / 30 cps

30 526 mg capsules

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The correct therapeutic approach to treating vaginitis caused by Candida should be based on:

- reduced consumption of sugar, lactose and leavened foods;

- strengthening immune defences;

- the use of natural agents proven to play an active role in combating Candida albicans.

Candy-Block is a dietary supplement with Berberis extract and essential oil of Oregano, with Lactoferrin.


Berberis aristata: berberine, contained in Berberis aristata, is able to destabilise the membrane and alter the mitochondrial function of the fungal cells, even in the presence of strains resistant to common antimycotics.

Caprylic acid: has the ability to dissolve the membrane of the Candida albicans, preventing it from growing.

Lactoferrin: milk glycoprotein, found in abundance in the foetus, in the colostrum and in the mother’s milk. Present in the saliva and the mucous membranes, it is a useful defence against fungi and bacteria, on which it acts by damaging the membranes and capturing the iron necessary for the metabolism and for adherence to the mucous membranes.

Berberine: performs an antibiotic action, especially in antibiotic-resistant cases. Prevents the growth of fungi, a side effect of antibiotics. Helps prevent diarrhoea, a frequent symptom of candidosis.

Essential oil of Oregano: a variety particularly rich in Carvacrol, a principle that has proved effective against Candida and Escherichia coli. The microencapsulated Oregano reaches the intestine in an optimum dose, and does not irritate the mucous membranes.


during the acute phase, 1 tablet every 12 hours, away from meals, for 15 days
for preventive purposes, 1 tablet every 12 hours, in cycles lasting 15 days, 4 times a year