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Bromelain / 30 cpr

1000 mg tablets
1250 GDU per tablet

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Eos BROMELINA is a supplement with Bromelain from the stem and fruit of Ananas comosus.

30 tablets - 650 mg tablets, 1250 GDU per tablet

Bromelain is a group of enzymes with a mainly proteolytic activity; its activity is measured in GDU, or "gelatin digesting units". Each Eos 650 mg tablet corresponds to 1250 GDU of Bromelain.



Numerous studies have shown that Bromelain is a useful dietary supplement in a number of areas:

digestion: it is active at a pH from 3 to 10; it acts by hydrolysing the proteins to the oligopeptides and amino acids, and is therefore especially useful at protein-rich meals, or in the event of pancreatic insufficiency,

inflammation and oedema: it has proved effective at combating inflammation and dermatosis. By reducing plasmatic fibrogen, it diminishes the oedema and improves the circulation of the blood, thus eliminating blood stasis and pain

cellulitis: by going to work on oedema and inflammation, Bromelain helps combat the flaws caused by cellulitis (edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy)

rhinosinusitis: by reducing the inflammation of the nasal mucosa, it acts as an expectorant, offering benefits also to allergic asthma sufferers

Proven to be of clinical use in:

Orthopaedics:→ arthritis, sports injuries



Maxillofacial surgery

Otorhinolaryngology:→ sinusitis, coryza

Obstetrics:→ perineal lacerations

Gastroenterology:→ pancreatic insufficiency



To aid digestion: 1 tablet per day: 1/2 tablet after the two main daily meals

In all other situations: 1 tablet away from main meals