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Thermo Stax / 60 compresse

950 mg tablets

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Supplement containing Green Tea, Bitter Orange, Fucopure and Rhodiola

THERMO STAX is a supplement based on plant extracts formulated to increase the production of heat in the body. This stimulates the breakdown of adipose tissue and energy expenditure.

Green tea dried extr.: a powerful antioxidant, rich in epigallocatechins and theophylline, stimulates the breakdown of adipose tissues to produce energy; also reduces lipid and cholesterol levels in the blood.
Citrus aurantium dried extr.: synephrine increases the body's ability to burn calories by stimulating heat production.
Carnitine: induces the body to use fat to produce energy, which can then be expended for mental and muscle function.
Caffeine: increases basal metabolic rate.
Rhodiola: fincreases reabsorption of adipose tissue by releasing lipase, an adaptogen which helps the body adapt to weight loss by releasing endorphins, also recommended for those suffering from nervous hunger.
Fucopure™: stimulates fat-burning activity in abdominal tissues, inhibits the laying down of fat layers.
Niacin: intervenes in the processes involved in metabolising amino acids and lipolysis.
Black pepper: improves absorption of active ingredients.